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Inspirational Leaders Dialogue entitled “Because We are Leaders” took part in the Inauguration of Regional Executive of Muhammadiyah Students Association (IMM) of Central Kalimantan, District Executive of IMM Palangkaraya and Headquarters of IMM Muhammadiyah University of Palangkaraya. The dialogue took H. Windu Subagio, (Vice Mayor of Sukamara), Dr. Sonedi, M.Pd (Vice Rector III of Muhammadiyah University of Palangkaraya) and Beni Pramula (Central Executive of IMM). The event was held on Saturday, May 17th, 2014 in Auditorium of Muhammadiyah University of Palangkaraya.
Three views reviewing of “what a leader is” became wonderful thought for the inaugurated IMM’s Cadres. According to H. Windu Subagio, a leader is a fighter in amar ma’ruf nahi munkar. Furthermore, he also stated that the concept is very simple and obvious in Al Qur’an so that if the concept is applied then the nation and the country will be saved.
In this occasion, H. Windu Subagio had a question from the IMM cadre in the Teaching and Educational Faculty of Muhammadiyah University of Palangkaraya about teachers in Sukamara. “There are many teachers in Sukamara, but only few who have high quality. Therefore, we hope that these IMM cadres can answer all problems,” Subagio explained.
H. Windu Subagio did not only answer the question, but he was also ready to facilitate the establishment of a university in Sukamara. “I have a friend who is willing to grant his property for the establishment of the university, approximately 10-15 hectare in the direction to the Sukamara-Lunci Beach,” he stated. He also explained that institutionally Sukamara Regency Governments will help the process of establishment. This statement he took because of his appreciation to Muhammadiyah and its cadres.
In contrast, Dr. Sonedi, MPd, as the alumnus of the Head of Cadre in DPD IMM Central Kalimantan period 1998-2000 who is the Vice Rector of Muhammadiyah University of Palangkaraya, stated that “becoming a leader means that is capable to lead himself”. It became the identity of the IMM Central Kalimantan cadres from the beginning until now.
Furthermore, what made this dialogue was more interesting was the presence of Immawan Beni Pramula, the Head of the Organization of DPP IMM, one of the youth with many international achievements. Among them were ASEAN-India YEP 2012 in New Delhi, ASEAN-China Youth Came 2013 in Nanning, International Youth Conference 2013 in Bahrain and G-20 Summit Model United National 2014 in Holland. He stated that the IMM cadres have to be ready and prepared themselves to face the ASEAN Community 2015. He also added that the cadres of IMM central Kalimantan should be able to go international.
Immawan Beni Pramula also said the future challenge for the IMM cadres would not be easy. “We have to be able to keep the local, national and international so that the IMM Central Kalimantan will always exist and is capable to survive in the competition which becomes more challenging,” he added.
Muhammadiyah Students Association, as the pioneer of the implementation and completeness of the Muhammadiyah Charity, always moved dynamically continuing the organizational movement to run the mandate of the da’wah amar ma’ruf nahi munkar. It is in accordance with its objectives, which was “working on to the establishment of Muslim scholars with noble characters in order to achieve the purpose of Muhammadiyah.”


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